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great things come in small packages

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So far, so….good?

As good as law school can get, I guess. I’m overwhelmed and exhausted, but finally…in week 3, I’m starting to get it together. I was in a panic the first 2 weeks, but now I feel like my workload is manageable. Only time will tell if I feel that way a month from now or at the end of the semester.

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No longer a 1L

My first year of law school is finally over.

It was definitely as bad as everyone told me. There were times that were awesome, and fun, and eye-opening…but then there were those times that I felt anxious, tired, panicked, and stupid. *Sigh*

I don’t know how I did on my Property final (It was probably the hardest exam I’ve taken thus far), but I’m actually kind of proud for getting through the first year with only one visit to the ER lol. But seriously, I am proud of myself and my super supportive study group.

I’m ready to tackle my summer class in a few days, and I’m sort of looking forward to a very busy fall semester.

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Civ Pro. Done.

Took my civil procedure test on Monday night. I don’t think I killed it, but I broke a few ribs and bruised it badly.

Now…property rules my life until May 9th.